Benj's tavern


As a programmer, I like to code and maintain free software. These programs are not all usable nor maintained, but thay might prove to be useful.


I'm part of the development of Grisbi, a personal financial management program


w9wm is an improved version of 9wm, a very good emulation of 8 1/2, the Plan9 window manager. It adds virtual screens as well as keyboard bindings.

w9wm has his own webpage.


9box is a virtual window where user can pack her X windows and swtich from one to the other clicking on one button. 9box is an X application and works inside the window manager.

9box has a his own webpage on savannah.


I wrote some Emacs-Lisp modules. They are in my Emacs page.

A little shell script that automates GnuPG key signing: it downloads, verifys and uploads GnuPG keys on public servers. Additionally, it sens an email to the personne you've signed the key.


Old unmaintained programs that you might find useful. Use it at your own risks.